Nu-Frame® Remodeling
Nu-Frame® Remodeling
The Only Company With A Refacing "Patent" Nu-Frame® Remodeling
The Only Company With A Refacing "Patent"Nu-Frame® Remodeling         

Nu-Frame® "NOT Refacing"

Cabinet Refacing? There are many obsticles to consider when redoing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, Nu-Frame® solves every issue head on, not only does Nu-Frame® redesign your cabinets to an actuel updated look, it gives your kitchen endless choices, adding drawers where they don't exist, European framless look, 20% more storage and much more....Please take the time to really look below and see why Nu-Frame® is better and superior!

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Nu-Frame® is designed to remodel your cabinets in place, not a refaced kitchen, but a remodeled kitchen. We remove your existing cabinet frames leaving your cabinets, countertops, and flooring in tact.

Every Kitchen that is made with a face frame, is made with the frame 3/4" of an inch thick, if you get refacing done by the other guys, their either going to use a thin Laminate, veneer, or worse yet 1/4" plywood veneer! By using 1/4" plywood veneer your face frame will now become 1" thick..This will not only look cheap when you open the cabinet doors, but it will also change the specifications of your hinges and drawer slides being installed, look at diagram #1 Nu-Frame® then compare it to diagram #2 and #3 for refacing, and see why Nu-Frame® is an inferior product!

Nu-Frame Pantent

"Patented" That's right there is a reason why our product is superior and a reason why we have a "Patent" and the others don't

Diagram #2 Refacing with 1/4" materials 

As explained above 1/4" Refacing regardless of being solid wood or plywood is NOT a professional way of doing carpentry!

Not only does it modify your existing frame size to a 1" thick frame, which NO kitchen should have, but it's not even to the specifications of the manufacture to use this application (click here for specs.) Nu-Frame® Highly suggest bringing this information to the table when discussing refacing with the other companies. Also notice that after 1/4" refacing, you will have that unsightly 1/4" plywood veneer showing, then your old frame, so three different colors!

PLEASE read more info on how Nu-Frame® solves more issues

Diagram #3 Laminate / Thermo-foil JUNK!

Diagram #3 is a refaced kitchen done by a competitor using Thermo-foil refacing tenique, the kitchen was 4 years old and already was starting to peel away!

This is what happens when you put (wall paper) is what we call it! On your cabinets, not only does it look cheap when the cabinet doors are opened, but clearly it's just peeling away.

No worries they had a 25-year warranty! 

To bad their warranty states that it does not cover delamination in certain conditions, of heat or moister. In their case they were told they lived to close to the Ocean! Which is roughly 20 miles away... Remodeling
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