Nu-Frame® Remodeling
Nu-Frame® Remodeling
The Only Company With A Refacing "Patent" Nu-Frame® Remodeling
The Only Company With A Refacing "Patent"Nu-Frame® Remodeling         

Why Nu-Frame® Beats Refacing

Cabinet Refacing? Nu-Frame® Remodeling takes your old, tired and outdated kitchen cabinets to a new level of design!

In today’s kitchen design world, everyone wants that clean, sleek, modern look and feel. Cabinet refacing only changes the color of your outdated kitchen, please read the important information below and see what we mean!

Cabinet Refacing  Before Nu-Frame®

Cabinet Refacing

If you have ever wondered what cabinet refacing is, it's real simple just look at your cabinets now and picture them a different color with a different cabinet door, that's it! The same outdated look will still be there, the same huge gaps between the cabinet doors and drawers, the wasted space, and after they’ve been refaced depending on which cabinet refacing company you go with, either a thin veneer or laminate that's just going to peel off after time, or 1/4" thick refacing that will cause hinge and drawer issues for ONE, an outdated look for TWO, and THREE a waist of money!


Look at your kitchen now. 

Do you have any cabinets with a pair of doors?

Does it have a center post in the middle?

"Wouldn't it be nice to have that gone"

Nu-Frame® Remodeling is the answer to every refacing problem there ever was and will be!

After Nu-Frame® Remodeling

Nu-Frame Design

With Nu-Frame® you get to have that new kitchen look, design and function, something the other cabinet refacing companies can't give you.

All your existing cabinet frames will be removed, leaving your countertops in tact, new precise cabinet frames will be measured and custom built to your cabinet boxes, giving your kitchen that updated design look, 20% more storage, the option of adding drawers where they don't even exist, and a lifetime warranty, that the other companies can't even close to giving you.

 In the picture to the left you will notice the after Nu-Frame® Remodeling process, as you can see the doors and drawers have a smaller 1/8" reveal / gap you can call it between them, this kitchen is now updated to what's called a European framed kitchen! 

Let's face it, if your kitchen is outdated and needs to be looking like a new remodeled kitchen Nu-Frame® is the answer!

Nu-Frame patented

"Patented" That's right there is a reason why our product is superior and a reason why we have a "Patent" and the others don't

Cabinet Refacing Before - Nu-Frame Remodeling After Remodeling
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Nu-Frame Patented
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