The Only Company With A Refacing "Patent" Nu-Frame® Remodeling
The Only Company With A Refacing "Patent"Nu-Frame® Remodeling         

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Diamond Cabinet Refacing now offers 100% kitchen and bathroom refinishing, this service is a great added feature to our company and not only that, It cost less than refacing your existing cabinets, how much less?  About "Half" the cost.


Maybe your cabinets are in good shape it's just the color that is dated and worn out, Maybe you just bought your home or plan on selling your home, this is the best way to create that new kitchen look at a GREAT price.


This is how the service works, and we add new item features on most kitchen and bathrooms refinishes.


1. Clean cabinets complete

2. Remove existing hinges and knobs or handles on doors and drawers

3. Most the time we add new Hinges and knobs or handles to give the cabinets that all new look

4. We can add new European hinges on the interior of the cabinets

5. We can add new crown molding on all the upper cabinets, giving it that new updated look

6. We can add new cabinets or reface some cabinets also if needed

7. We have you pick a custom color and refinish your project within days, most standard Kitchens


By refinishing your kitchen you can save HUGE, most of the time you can have us add new granite counter tops, a nice tile back splash and refinish the cabinets and still be under the cost of some refacing and new cabinets.

             Before On Left                      After On Right

Cabinet Refinishing:


When it comes to building or remodeling, it’s impossible to beat the quality of custom-made cabinets. Unlike stock cabinets from a large home supply store, cabinet refinishing service custom cabinets are built to your exact specifications. You get to choose the style, type of wood and the preferred finish, and since they are build to specific measurements, the size is only limited to the amount of space you have. With a sizeable return on your investment ,custom cabinets can prove to be an excellent value.

Custom cabinets from a cabinet refinishing service are designed and constructed to fit a specific space in your home, whether it’s the kitchen, bath or another area where you might want storage. Custom cabinets are built to fit the measurements of your room to within a fraction of an inch. You won’t find any of those filler strips that are so often needed in stock cabinets, and this means more usable space.

When you choose custom cabinets from a quality cabinet refinishing         service, you get the benefit of a design that fits your specific space, as well as a customized storage solution that can help you to more efficiently arrange and access your belongings. Cabinets can also be designed and constructed to fit oddly shaped areas, something you can’t do with stock cabinets. With careful planning and designing, custom cabinets can also be the perfect answer to maximizing a small space.


cabinet refinishing Service: Setting Up Your Budget

It’s important to set a realistic budget, when it comes to planning your cabinets. Start by making a list of the features that are an absolute must. Approximately half of your budget for a new or remodeled kitchen will go toward the cabinetry. Installing custom cabinets in your kitchen or bath may not be cheap when compared to off the shelf stock cabinets, but if you’re time and energy into building your dream kitchen or bath, you certainly don’t want cheap cabinets. Remember that you get what you pay for and your kitchen or bath is a long term investment. A knowledgeable cabinet refinishing service can sit down with you and help you put together a budget that will work for you.

A cabinet refinishing service will take time to look at how you use your kitchen or bath, what kind of work areas you need, and what items you will be storing in your cabinets. For example, a gourmet cook is most likely going to need much more storage and work space than someone that tends to eat out. The same applies to the bathroom and your personal requirements. These are all factors that a cabinet refinishing service will take into consideration when helping you to determine your budget.

Actually, quality custom cabinetry from a cabinet refinishing service might not be as expensive as you think. Pricing can vary significantly, based on the type of cabinets and the materials you choose. Of course, exotic hardwoods, high end accessories and intricate trim details will add to the cost, but you can have beautiful custom made cabinets for almost the same cost of quality stock cabinets. The cost depends on the final choices you make for your cabinets.


cabinet refinishing Service: Planning Your New Custom Cabinets

In planning your new kitchen or remodeling project, you might be working with a general contractor, an architect or a designer. It’s possible that you already have a set of plans. Or you may just have an idea, a rough drawing or some pictures you’ve found in magazines. Whatever stage you’re at in your home design, the cabinet refinishing service can help you with your new custom cabinets. They will help you to plan out your design and select the cabinets that will work best for your project and your budget.

If you already have your plans drawn up, the cabinet refinishing service will use them to construct you new cabinets. Also, they can draw up the design plans and layout of your custom cabinets for you. They will work with you to choose the style of cabinets you want, the type of wood, the design for the doors and drawers, the finish, hardware and any unique accessories you might want. The cabinet refinishing service can then construct your new custom cabinets and work with you or your contractor to deliver them.


Getting Exactly what You Want by Working with a Skilled cabinet refinishing Service

It may be possible for a reasonably skilled homeowner to refinish existing cabinets or install ready made cabinets, but custom cabinet making is really something that can only be done by a skilled professional. Custom cabinetry construction is a challenging and exacting trade, requiring professional skill. You can never get the same look and feel with stock cabinets.

Custom built cabinets mean you’re getting exactly what you want. They fit perfectly into your existing space with no waste hidden behind filler strips. Plus, when working with a professional cabinet refinishing service, you’re going to get personalized service that you can’t find with large home supply centers. The design possibilities are almost limitless when you choose to install custom made cabinets. No matter what the size, a well-planned and well designed space is going to be more efficient. Why not consider custom made cabinetry if you’re building or remodeling? If you can dream it, a qualified cabinet refinishing service can create it. Remodeling
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